What if willpower isn’t the solution?

2014_07_17_Daxle_409_LIf you struggle with food and eating, you’ve probably told yourself that it all comes down to willpower.  You need to get serious, try harder, stay committed… you need to gain control once and for all!

But it doesn’t work.  Yes, you have moments, or days, or even years where you have your eating under control, but eventually your willpower runs out.

You think it’s because something is wrong with you, but what if nothing is actually wrong?  What if your body and mind are working exactly as designed?

What if fixing your relationship with food and your body is not about willpower at all?  What if there is a different way?

Introducing Intuitive Eating: Intuitive eating is about reconnecting to your body’s inner wisdom about what, when, and how to eat.

It’s not a diet plan or a new set of rules about how/what/when to eat.  And contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not about only eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full.

It’s a whole new way of relating to food and your body. A peaceful way. A satisfying way. An empowering way.

My work is about helping people understand the true causes of their struggles with food.  I help people learn how to listen to and trust their bodies.  Willpower gets removed from the equation because it isn’t needed anymore.  What a relief!

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