How do I stop eating at night?

When people ask me how to stop snacking after dinner or before bed, they’re usually assuming the following: Eating at night is bad because your body won’t use the calories and they’ll be stored as fat. Night eating is caused by poor self-control. Special tricks can be used to overcome this problem. These are all popular beliefs, … Read more

What will happen to me when I’m working on intuitive eating?

Here’s what we know: Dieting blocks our access to our body’s wisdom about what, when, and how to eat. Practicing mindfulness* around eating helps us to get in touch with our body’s wisdom. Here’s what we don’t know: How long it will take to undo the damage caused by diets. When we can be certain … Read more

Emotional Eating Guide: Build Your List

(Part 3 out of 3 of a series on emotional eating.  Part 1, Part 2) Ok, it’s finally time to talk about that list.  This is a list of things you can do when you’re experiencing the desire to eat or do something about your feelings. First, some very important guidelines: Eating must still be an … Read more

Emotional Eating Guide: Feel the Feelings

What can you do when you feel the urge to soothe unpleasant emotions with food?   In my last blog I talked about why it’s important to give yourself full permission to eat emotionally without guilt.   With guilt and rebellion out of the way, the next step is becoming more aware of your feelings. … Read more

Emotional Eating Guide: Accept and Allow

Awhile back I was working with a client on overcoming emotional eating.  I suggested that she brainstorm a list of alternative actions to take when she felt driven to soothe her feelings with food. I wanted to make sure that she would choose options that were personalized to her needs, so I didn’t want to give too many suggestions.  … Read more

Why We Avoid Mindful Eating: Exploring Resistance

“Wow, that was so cool!” is what most people say after their first mindful eating experience, quickly followed by “I should probably be eating like that more often.” I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at this response.  It’s so predictably human, this impulse to turn a cool new experience into yet another obligation, … Read more

Intuitive Eating + Vegetarianism, Does it work?

Can you be a vegetarian and eat intuitively at the same time?  I keep seeing this discussion come up online.  Typically, there are two sides to the argument: One side says that eating a vegetarian diet is a moral choice, and not the kind of diet that would interfere with eating intuitively.  The other side … Read more

Intuitive Eating in Difficult Times

Do you ever feel like your intuitive eating practice gets derailed when life gets hard?  Take heart.  This is normal.  It doesn’t mean that you’re bad at intuitive eating or that you’re not making any progress.   The most important thing to remember during difficult times is self-compassion.  Lay aside any judgments you have about … Read more

Did intuitive eating make me thin?

This morning I ran into an acquaintance I knew through my teaching days.  I told her a little about what I do as an intuitive eating coach.  As we parted ways, she said, “Well intuitive eating must work, because you look great!”   She’s a very kind person, and I feel confident that her only … Read more

Your Secret Diet: It’s Even a Secret from You!

You’d know if you were on a diet, right? Maybe not… I used to think of myself as someone who’s never been on a diet, and yet, I ended up with a dysfunctional relationship with food.  Turns out, my secret diet was the culprit. Part of becoming an intuitive eater is learning how to get … Read more