Unpacking The Temptation to Cleanse

True confession:  I’m a little bored with intuitive eating.  I’ve pretty much worked out all of my eating issues, so there’s just not much for me to “do” when it comes to fixing the way I eat. I am grateful for this, truly, but I also feel a bit like a fish out of water.  For … Read more

Intuitive Eating New Year’s Resolutions

“I’m going to get serious about intuitive eating this year,” you say… but then you realize that you’re not sure what that would actually look like.  Here are some ideas to help you get started: Weekly goals: “This week I will…” Eat three distraction free meals. Rate my hunger levels from 0-10 before each meal. Rate … Read more

How to Deal with Tempting Holiday Leftovers the Intuitive Eating Way

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, holiday work parties, family gatherings… whatever you celebrate (or get dragged into), chances are you’re going to be faced with a lot of seasonal and celebrational foods.  For this reason, the holidays are often thought of as a dieter’s nightmare, but for intuitive eaters, the holidays are a wonderful … Read more

AMA #2: How to Eat Intuitively Around Exercise

In “Ask Me Anything #2” I answer the following question: How do you keep practicing intuitive eating and taking care of yourself once you’ve taken on joyful movement? I am now bicycle riding with my husband and I’m having some serious wobbles when it comes to choosing food to keep me energized during activity without … Read more

Intuitive Eating and “Healthy” Eating: Friends or Enemies?

True confession:  When I first started out as an intuitive eating coach, I believed that I could help clients balance “healthy” eating with intuitive eating.  As it turns out, I was totally wrong, but not because it can’t be done! I’ll explain.  But first, some background: I’ve always been a little food obsessed.  I come from a … Read more

How I Built My Joyful Movement Practice

I was the kind of kid that was picked last for kickball.  It wasn’t so much that I was uncoordinated as it was that I tended to space out and forget what the rules of the game were.  It seemed like the ball was always either flying by my face, untouched, or flying into my … Read more