Why Intuitive Eating Needs HAES

I got clued in to Health at Every Size (“HAES”) and intuitive eating at around the same time.  The two have always gone hand in hand in my mind.  But I distinctly remember the moment I realized that not everyone agreed with me.  My professor said to me, “You know, there are people who believe in … Read more

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is: tuning into your inner wisdom about what, when, and how to eat trusting your body freedom from diets eating what you want instead of what you “should” eating in a way that makes your body feel happier being able to stop when you’re full saying “no thank you” to food you don’t want … Read more

Book Review: “Body of Truth”

How do I sum up Harriet Brown’s new book, “Body of Truth”? Basically, it’s a body of YES. HAES experts will find themselves nodding and murmuring “exactly!” as they read through the book. It’s everything we know that we’re desperate for the rest of the world to know, so we can end this ridiculous and … Read more

Intuitive Eating Coaching

Looking for support or help with becoming an intuitive eater? Intuitive eating coaching is for you if: You’re tired of feeling out of control around food You wish you could eat whatever you want without feeling guilty You want to stop using food to deal with emotions You hate exercise but know your body craves movement You … Read more

How to Stop Overeating at Restaurants

For most of us, there’s something about eating out that’s more exciting than eating at home.  Maybe it’s the ambiance, the scents, the sights, the sounds…or maybe it’s just that someone else is doing the dishes.  Whatever it is, that excitement is important.  It triggers our hunger and makes us reluctant to stop eating when … Read more

Body Acceptance Starts Here: Let it Suck

The other day I was driving home with my five year old daughter after a really great day and she was going on about how sad she was that it was over.  I kept trying to get her to focus on being appreciative instead.  It wasn’t working, at all.  (She is five, after all.) At … Read more

Why I don’t hold people accountable

Before beginning a coaching relationship, I ask potential clients why they are interested in health coaching.  Occasionally, a person will tell me that they are looking for someone to hold them accountable.  They know what their health goals are.  They just don’t seem to have the discipline to achieve them.  So they’re looking for someone … Read more

Passing on the Diet Mentality

I was visiting my family the other day when my mom brought out a box of artwork and school projects from when I was a kid.  My own kid was with me and we were excited to go through the box together. I pulled out a stack of paper, stapled down the side, meant to look like … Read more

What I learned from that time I went paleo

I was an unlikely candidate for a paleo diet.  I had been a vegetarian for about a decade.  Now granted, I had rough start as a vegetarian, initially subsisting on cereal and frozen burritos.  And during that decade I struggled with many health issues.  But in that time I also did a lot of research … Read more

The Ugliest Cookie

The other day I was in my kitchen staring at the delicious gingerbread cookies I made with my daughter. I knew wanted one, but then my head started to fill with questions. Was I hungry? Was this what I should be eating right then? On and on… and then I thought, “Well, maybe I can just … Read more