Raising an Intuitive Eater

Whether you’re just starting on your path towards intuitive eating, or a seasoned veteran of the practice, figuring out how to raise your kids to be intuitive eaters can be challenging.  I am here to tell you that it is a very simple, but sometimes very difficult, two step process. Step 1) Know Yourself. The … Read more

My Path Towards Intuitive Eating

When people find out that I am a health coach specializing in intuitive eating, they often want to know about my eating habits.  I usually reply that there is a difference between knowing and doing, and that sometimes a lot of knowledge is actually more of a hinderance than a help, especially when it comes … Read more

Should You Stop Eating Gluten?

Whether I am seeing a client who is interested in intuitive living, or a client looking to manage health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes, the subject of gluten always seems to come up.  Almost everyone’s heard about going gluten-free, and many are wondering if it’s something they should do, or if it’s just another … Read more

Making Peace with Food

For those who are new to intuitive eating, the idea of “making peace” with food might seem a bit confusing.  What does it mean and how do you get there?  While everyone’s journey is unique, there are some common elements.  Let’s use the example of ice cream, a food that many people feel conflicted about. … Read more

The Perfect Diet

In my journey to find the optimal diet, not for weight loss, but for health, I’ve tried a wide variety of diets, from vegan to paleo.  Over time, through trial and error, as well as careful observation, I’ve found the optimal diet for me.  However, I don’t recommend it to my clients.  Why?  Because I … Read more

What is Intuitive Eating?

Whenever I mention intuitive eating to someone new to the idea, their response is almost always the same.  They tell me, “If I listened to my intuition all the time I’d be eating [favorite junk food] until I was [sick/fat/dead].”  My answer, too, is almost always the same: “That’s not your intuition.”  Intuitive eating is … Read more