Intuitive Eating Coaching

Are you struggling to figure this whole “intuitive eating” thing out?  Have you tried tapping into your inner wisdom, only to find yourself knee deep in a pile of pastries (again)?  Maybe you need a coach; someone to support you and help you reconnect to your body.

Intuitive eating coaching is for you if:

  • You’re tired of feeling out of control around food
  • You want to eat in a way that makes your body feel good without trying so hard
  • You know your emotional eating has gotten out of hand
  • You’re done with diets but know you still need to do something 
  • You feel lost trying to figure out how to eat “healthy”
  • You’re ready to change but you need some support

As an intuitive eater you will:

  • Tune into your hunger and fullness signals
  • Eat any and all foods that appeal to you, without worry of overeating
  • Know ways of dealing with emotions without food
  • Trust your inner wisdom to tell you what, when, and how to eat
  • Eat for satisfaction, nourishment, and pleasure
  • Love, respect, and care for your amazing body- unconditionally!

Becoming an intuitive eater is a process, not a quick fix.  This is what makes it so different from dieting.  Dieting is about trying to adopt rules that don’t really fit who you are or what you need.  Intuitive eating is about reconnecting with your deepest wisdom about that which truly nourishes you.

My approach is holistic, recognizing you as a whole person with a complex inner and outer world.  If sleep, stress, or relationships are affecting your eating, we deal with that too.  I meet you right where you are, with all of your unique challenges and strengths.  Together we move closer to your goals, one step at a time.

Think you’re ready to become an intuitive eater?


Contact me to schedule your free consultation.  We’ll talk about what you’re struggling with right now and how I can help you break free.

Read what others have to say about coaching with Daxle:

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Before working with Daxle, I knew a lot about intuitive eating and had tried it in the past but I didn't feel like it quite worked for me. I also had some digestive issues, and I thought if I could just find the right combination of foods, I could fix my digestion. I tried many different diets, but nothing seemed to help my digestion, I realized I needed a different approach, and I remembered Intuitive Eating. I knew I would need support, since changing deeply ingrained beliefs about food is incredibly difficult, and I was so grateful to find Daxle.

During every session, Daxle is kind and compassionate while asking hard questions that make me rethink my beliefs and actions. Daxle has helped me see that worrying about perfect Intuitive Eating can sometimes be counterproductive when they feel like another kind of restriction or external set of rules.This means it's okay to eat some cookies even if I'm not hungry - I don't need to feel bad or guilty because I've broken an intuitive eating "rule."

I have noticed many positive changes since working with Daxle. I am much more compassionate with myself about eating in general. When I eat something "unhealthy" that in the past would have sent me into a binge, I now just note whether I liked it or not and move on with very little guilt or regret. I am much more calm and relaxed about eating. I used to get anxious about events where there would be a buffet because I would just *know* that I would eat way more than intended, but now I can eat what I want and leave the rest. Daxle has helped me to investigate the feelings I have associated with eating, so when I find myself feeling anxious or guilty, I can stop and investigate that feeling - "why am I feeling anxious? Do I think I shouldn't be eating this? why? what's behind that?"

Overall, I am much more relaxed about food and eating, my binges are essentially gone, I feel better physically, my digestion has even improved. I highly recommend anyone struggling with food and eating issues to work with Daxle!

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I was referred to Daxle by a friend of mine. I had been suffering from compulsive overeating as well as emotional eating/comfort eating; my digestive system was a mess, I was suffering from acid reflux and I was miserable all the time. Working with Daxle helped me to discover a much healthier relationship with food. I've learned a lot about myself in terms of self care, what foods 'trigger' a binge episode, what my hunger and fullness looks and feels like and more. My digestive system has balanced out and I don't have nearly as much trouble with acid reflux as I did before. While I still struggle with my eating Daxle has given me incredibly useful tools so that I don't have to dive into a bag of chocolate and can really discover what emotion I am actually trying to feed. Our sessions are nice in that she offers guidance and really listens to me and what I have to say. She has some great tools that she has referred me to as well as being very understanding when I express frustration about things that have occurred. Intuitive eating work is extremely important because I believe that we as a society are taught to never feel hunger and to use food as a reward or punishment as opposed to a nutrient for fueling our bodies. With intuitive eating you learn your own hunger and your own fullness as well as discovering if there might be other underlying issues that may need focusing on as well. I think that, once given the appropriate tools, intuitive eating can really benefit everyone. Thank you Daxle for being such an awesome coach!


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