Is Intuitive Eating About Eating Whatever You Want?


It’s a common question, and I’ve decided to answer it once and for all: Yes!  and also… No!

Wait… that didn’t clear up anything.

Does the thought of eating whatever you want, whenever you want, sound so exhilarating?  You could finally stop worrying about what your next meal might do to you.  But you can’t just go wild!  Everyone knows that the world is full of tasty things that are terrible for us, and if we don’t watch out they’ll eventually make us sick, or maybe even dead.  So much for the dream, right?


You most certainly can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and not have to worry yourself sick over your health.  You can eat whenever you’re hungry and stop when you like.  You can choose to eat whatever appeals to you, without fear.  Most importantly, you can do this and feel great (now and later!).

There is just one catch. (There had to be a catch, right?)

Yes, there is something you have to do before you can live this way.  The good news is that it is completely doable!

Ok, enough with the suspense:  I am talking about self-awareness.  In my book, cultivating self-awareness is the essential core of intuitive eating.  To become an intuitive eater, you have to become an expert on You.

intuitive eating key

Ok, seriously… what am I talking about here?

To give you an idea of what intuitive eating looks like in action, I’m going to outline some of the key ways in which an intuitive eater is self-aware.

Intuitive eaters:

  • Are in tune with their physical, mental, and emotional signals of hunger and fullness
  • Know what foods and combinations of nutrients work best for their body
  • Recognize when emotions are driving them to eat
  • Are at peace with food and don’t have any forbidden foods
  • Respect their bodies and treat them with care

If this sounds simple, you are right!  If this sounds challenging, you are also right!  “Simple but not easy” is the hallmark of Truth.  You are capable of becoming a intuitive eater, and you can begin your journey at any time.

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