Intuitive Eating New Year’s Resolutions

IntuitiveEatingResolutions“I’m going to get serious about intuitive eating this year,” you say… but then you realize that you’re not sure what that would actually look like.  Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Weekly goals: “This week I will…”

  1. Eat three distraction free meals.
  2. Rate my hunger levels from 0-10 before each meal.
  3. Rate my fullness level after each meal.
  4. Practice belly breathing before meals.
  5. Do three guided meditations.
  6. Engage my senses before eating.
  7. Journal about satisfaction after eating.
  8. Carry a bag of snacks with me to eat whenever I want.
  9. Eat a forbidden food mindfully and see what I notice.
  10. Make a list of ways of moving my body I have enjoyed in the past.
  11. Do one activity that makes me feel good in my body.

Monthly goals: “This month I will…”

  1. Identify the exact ways in which I am not eating intuitively.
  2. Research and try out different ways of moving joyfully.
  3. Track how long certain meals keep me full.
  4. Try out different solutions for my most annoying eating issue.
  5. Define my top three health goals.
  6. Identify my inner food/eating rules and give them the “truth test.”
  7. Groom my social media accounts to make them more body positive.
  8. Take a moment to appreciate one part of my body each day.

3-6 Month goals: “In these months I will…”

  1. Replace my inner critic with a compassionate voice.
  2. Build a list of ways to soothe myself that don’t involve food.
  3. Choose a movement practice I can engage in regularly.
  4. Read the “Intuitive Eating” book by Tribole and Resch.
  5. Read the “Embody” book by Sobczak.
  6. Take the online Intuitive Eating course.
  7. Join a HAES workshop or support group.
  8. Work with an intuitive eating coach.
  9. Explore ways of getting the emotional support I need.

Tips about goal setting:

  • You can’t do everything all at once.  Decide what feels most relevant to your life and struggles right now.
  • When setting goals, check your gut to see if what you’re planning feels nourishing and realistic.
  • Schedule a time in the future to check in with yourself to see if you’ve met your goals, what you’ve learned from trying, and what goals you’d like to work on next.

Intuitive eating is something that takes time.  You’re changing your whole relationship with food, and that is BIG!  Treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and patience while you go through this major transition, and get support if you need it.

I’ve created an Intuitive Eating Jumpstart Guide for people who want to boost their intuitive eating as quickly (and sanely) as possible.  The guide will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as an intuitive eater, tune into your body’s wisdom about what/when/how to eat, and create an action plan to take your intuitive eating to the next level.  Sign up below!

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