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Intuitive Eating: Fix Your Relationship with Food

Are you tired of dieting? Do you wish you could get your eating under control without trying so hard (and failing)? This course will help you end the struggle once and for all. Learn to eat intuitively by tuning into your body’s inner wisdom about what, when, and how to eat. Whether you’re new to intuitive eating, or you’ve read all about it but couldn’t figure out how to make it work, this course is for you. Each week you’ll learn a new practice designed to get you in touch with your intuition and improve your relationship with food. After you’ve completed the practices, you’ll learn how to create your own practice and become your own intuitive eating coach!

In this course you will learn to:

  • Tune into inner wisdom about what, when, and how to eat.
  • Eat in a way that is nourishing, enjoyable, and satisfying
  • Let go of unhelpful thoughts about food and eating.
  • Interpret food cravings.
  • Notice and act on hunger and fullness signals from the body.
  • Eat previously forbidden foods (cookies, ice cream, candy!) without losing control.
  • Be your own intuitive eating coach.

What this course is not: A review of the principles of intuitive eating. You can get that anywhere. What I am sharing with you is what I have learned from successfully coaching clients towards becoming intuitive eaters. Knowing is not the same as doing, and this course teaches you how to actually become an intuitive eater.

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What students are saying:

“When I started this course, I already knew a lot about intuitive eating, or at least, I thought I did. I read the intuitive eating book and I followed blogs. I made some progress doing it on my own, but I still felt stuck. I was still eating too much of some foods and struggling to make myself eat healthier. So I signed up for this course and I am so glad I did. It taught me how to really connect with my inner wisdom and become more self-aware. It helped me to change the unhelpful ways I was thinking about food, and treating myself. I don’t feel like I have to push myself anymore. I just stay calm and listen to my intuition. It’s so much easier than dieting once you get the hang of it! Thank you!”

-Anna Scott


Mindful Eating: Stop Overeating and Enjoy Your Food

If you are tired of overeating and feeling out of control around food, and diets just haven’t worked for you, this is the course for you. This course will teach you how to fundamentally change the way you eat. By the end of the course you’ll be transformed from a mindless eater into a mindful eater.

In the beginning of the course you’ll learn how to do a basic mindful eating exercise. After you have that foundation, you can move on to the Mindful Eating Solutions section which targets specific eating problems. You choose which lessons to do based on what issues you want to address.

Speed eaters: You’ll learn how to slow down and enjoy your food. Constant snackers: You’ll learn how to wake up, break the spell, and start eating with intention. Restaurant gorgers: you’ll learn how to curb the habit while enjoying your food more than ever. Social overeaters: You’ll learn the root cause of your issue and how to overcome it. Junk food junkies: You’ll learn to listen to what your body really wants and how to nourish it effortlessly.

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Want to know more about what is in each course?

Click here for details about the Intuitive Eating course.

Click here for details about the Mindful Eating course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I take the Intuitive Eating course or the Mindful Eating course?

A:  It depends.  Before I get into the details, there are three things you should know.  The first thing is that the two courses are totally compatible.  You can start with one and then take the other, or take them both at the same time.  The second thing is that Udemy offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so you there’s no real risk involved.  Lastly, when you enroll in one of my courses, you have access to me (Daxle) by email support, so you won’t be entirely on your own.

That said, I recommend the Intuitive Eating course for people who have struggled with their relationship with food for a very long time, and are ready for a major change.  In order to really get what you want out of this course, you have to be willing to do all of the “homework” practices.  I recommend taking at least 6 solid weeks to do the course, although you can take a break in the middle, or do certain practices for longer than a week, if you like.

The Mindful Eating course might be better for you if your struggles with food are more situational or circumstantial.  This course targets specific eating issues and teaches you a variety of mindfulness based practices you can use to deal with these issues.  You could also use this course either as a “warm up” to get you ready for the Intuitive Eating course, or you could use it as a follow up if you’ve done intuitive eating for awhile but still have a few nagging issues.

If you’re still not sure, send me an email describing what eating issues you’re dealing with, and we can discuss which course would be better for you.

Q: Do I need to know about Intuitive Eating and/or Mindful Eating to be successful with these courses?

A: Nope!  You will get a basic overview in the beginning of the class.  You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience.  However, any experience or knowledge you bring with you to the course will help you get more out of the course.  There is always room to become more self-aware and mindful.

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Click here to see the curriculum of the Intuitive Eating course.

Click here to see the curriculum of the Mindful Eating course.


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