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Before working with Daxle, I knew a lot about intuitive eating and had tried it in the past but I didn't feel like it quite worked for me. I also had some digestive issues, and I thought if I could just find the right combination of foods, I could fix my digestion. I tried many different diets, but nothing seemed to help my digestion, I realized I needed a different approach, and I remembered Intuitive Eating. I knew I would need support, since changing deeply ingrained beliefs about food is incredibly difficult, and I was so grateful to find Daxle.

During every session, Daxle is kind and compassionate while asking hard questions that make me rethink my beliefs and actions. Daxle has helped me see that worrying about perfect Intuitive Eating can sometimes be counterproductive when they feel like another kind of restriction or external set of rules.This means it's okay to eat some cookies even if I'm not hungry - I don't need to feel bad or guilty because I've broken an intuitive eating "rule."

I have noticed many positive changes since working with Daxle. I am much more compassionate with myself about eating in general. When I eat something "unhealthy" that in the past would have sent me into a binge, I now just note whether I liked it or not and move on with very little guilt or regret. I am much more calm and relaxed about eating. I used to get anxious about events where there would be a buffet because I would just *know* that I would eat way more than intended, but now I can eat what I want and leave the rest. Daxle has helped me to investigate the feelings I have associated with eating, so when I find myself feeling anxious or guilty, I can stop and investigate that feeling - "why am I feeling anxious? Do I think I shouldn't be eating this? why? what's behind that?"

Overall, I am much more relaxed about food and eating, my binges are essentially gone, I feel better physically, my digestion has even improved. I highly recommend anyone struggling with food and eating issues to work with Daxle!

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The first three words that come to mind when describing the process of working with Daxle are: perplexing, mysterious and enlightening. At first, it was perplexing to take apart some of the myths of "healthy" eating. During my time with Daxle, I have learned how to do a far better job of listening to what my body is telling me, including a sense of more openness to vulnerability. Over time, these messages became far less mysterious. Acting upon them in positive ways led to a greater sense of comfort in my body, as it is in the moment. Working with Daxle is enlightening in unexpected ways. Her non-directive approach has encouraged me to connect with what I know about myself, leaving me with a sense of confidence that I can continue to listen to my body, learning more about myself in the future beyond our coaching sessions.


Working with Daxle on intuitive eating techniques has been an incredibly eye opening experience. Prior to our work, I felt like I didn’t have many food judgments and wasn’t sure what the missing piece was with food. I felt like I was aware of my hunger and fullness but still felt unhappy with the food choices I was making despite this. With her patience and feedback, I was able to recognize so many critical judgments I still had and begin to unravel patterns that were really effecting my life. Within a short time, I gained crucial insight into my motivations and was able to make noticeable progress towards intuitive eating and feeling more satisfaction from my food.

Daxle was a pleasure to work with as a health professional. I felt very open to talk with her about my process without reservation, and continuously got exercises and feedback from her that allowed me to continue growing. Even though we did our sessions via Skype, I still felt really connected to the work we did and was very happy with how personal the experience still felt. I continuously left our sessions with new ideas that stayed with me throughout the week as I began practicing intuitive eating. It is definitely a continual process, but I feel very confident and excited about the foundation we have started with our work. I would definitely recommend her intuitive eating coaching to anyone looking for more awareness and satisfaction with food.

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I've done a million and one things to lose weight - run half-marathons while hating every step, been off and on and off and on and off Weight Watchers again and again, done juice cleanses and whole food detoxes. The end result of it all was that by the time I found Intuitive Eating, I was not only at my highest weight ever, but also at my lowest self-esteem. My weight and appearance, and my "good" food days versus the "bad", had become so inextricably tied to my sense of self-worth that I didn't trust myself to even understand the basic principles of Intuitive Eating on my own, and had begun engaging in new and self-destructive behaviors with food.

I'm still far from finished, but the strides I've made with Daxle are things I never thought myself capable of achieving. Pushing away unfinished food because I'm full, taking a handful of chocolates and eating only 1 or 2, throwing out a dessert because it simply doesn't taste good, not thinking about food for hours at a time, eating the thing that I want without hating myself for the next two days, and letting go of the idea that what I eat defines who I am, are things I believed were only for people with "will-power" that I didn't possess. Through every diet and program I did, it felt absolutely necessary to incorporate sugary treats into it, or I wouldn't even consider it. I had a habit of eating something sweet after every meal, and craving baked goods pretty much all the time. I really never believed that this tendency would change, and it was almost a part of my identity - my husband's nickname for me since we met has been "Sweets". I couldn't tell you how exactly, or why, but at some point during my work with Daxle, it was like a cloud lifted and I no longer feel the compulsion towards sweets. When I do eat them, I feel like I can stop. I really never believed this easing was possible, and can't fully express my relief since it's left.

I'm so glad that I not only found Intuitive Eating, but also that I found Daxle, who helped me see through my thoughts and habits to get to this new, better place.

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Daxle did a great job of breaking apart some of my food issues and questioning me further to understand why I eat the way I do. I'm definitely more aware of habits I have than I was previous to our sessions.

She made great suggestions based on my personal situation (new mom, etc) to help me with eating intuitively.

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I was referred to Daxle by a friend of mine. I had been suffering from compulsive overeating as well as emotional eating/comfort eating; my digestive system was a mess, I was suffering from acid reflux and I was miserable all the time. Working with Daxle helped me to discover a much healthier relationship with food. I've learned a lot about myself in terms of self care, what foods 'trigger' a binge episode, what my hunger and fullness looks and feels like and more. My digestive system has balanced out and I don't have nearly as much trouble with acid reflux as I did before. While I still struggle with my eating Daxle has given me incredibly useful tools so that I don't have to dive into a bag of chocolate and can really discover what emotion I am actually trying to feed. Our sessions are nice in that she offers guidance and really listens to me and what I have to say. She has some great tools that she has referred me to as well as being very understanding when I express frustration about things that have occurred. Intuitive eating work is extremely important because I believe that we as a society are taught to never feel hunger and to use food as a reward or punishment as opposed to a nutrient for fueling our bodies. With intuitive eating you learn your own hunger and your own fullness as well as discovering if there might be other underlying issues that may need focusing on as well. I think that, once given the appropriate tools, intuitive eating can really benefit everyone. Thank you Daxle for being such an awesome coach!

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Working one-on-one with Daxle has really changed the way I approach food and
eating. To my surprise, though, it’s also changed the way I approach stress, my life goals, and my day-to-day internal dialogue. I found Daxle’s website almost a year ago, and subscribed to her newsletter, and even bought some books that she recommended on her site, but they sat unread while I prioritized other things. I’ve been overweight most of my life, but after my doctor informed me that I was on the cusp of developing diabetes, I decided I couldn’t leave self-care on the back burner any longer. I contacted Daxle and we agreed that a 3-month coaching plan would be the best choice for me.
In short, Daxle has been a godsend, bringing clarity when I need it, asking tough questions, listening well, and offering gentle nudges and compassion at just the right times. I feel equipped now with the tools to manage my stress, my eating, and my body and my blood sugar has remained stable. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and helpless, I now feel empowered to make healthy choices with self-compassion. I am so thankful to have found Daxle, and I can say with certainty that the time, energy, and money I have invested in her coaching services have been a worthwhile investment in myself.

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Intuitive eating coaching is the best! I enjoyed working with Daxle a lot in that she provides a very good perspective and information about conscious eating -- something that we all could gain more insight about in today's busy world. I highly recommend working with her!


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