What will happen to me when I’m working on intuitive eating?

Here’s what we know:

  1. Dieting blocks our access to our body’s wisdom about what, when, and how to eat.
  2. Practicing mindfulness* around eating helps us to get in touch with our body’s wisdom.

Here’s what we don’t know:

  1. How long it will take to undo the damage caused by diets.
  2. When we can be certain that our judgments aren’t interfering with our intuition.

Here’s what we fear:

  • What if I’m not capable of tuning into my body?
  • What if my body is broken and can’t be trusted?
  • What if I get fully in touch with my body and I’m still sick/fat/socially unacceptable/not perfect?
  • What if my health and well-being fall apart before I ever get in touch with my body?

Those fears are legit.  They are real.  It absolutely makes total sense that they exist.


And… they are the whole reason that becoming an intuitive eater is so hard.

Those fears are why people usually have to reach rock bottom before they are even willing to consider attempting intuitive eating.

But even when you are 99% sure that dieting doesn’t work, it is still a major challenge to overcome those fears.

Overcoming the dieting mindset and becoming an intuitive eater doesn’t happen all at once.  At best, you are periodically gifted with moments where you realize it is “working.”

You see an article or ad promising the impossible; one that would have hooked you before, and you don’t click the link.

You’re at the grocery store and you grab what you really want instead of what you “should” get.

You eat something or some way that doesn’t leave you feeling awesome, and you don’t view it as a personal failing.

You plan a trip and spend more time thinking about what you’ll do than what you’ll eat.

Food. is. not. your. life.

You think about other things that matter more.

You still eat, and often enjoy your food.  It’s just not the center of your universe.

What will you think about when you’re not thinking about food?

What is really important to you?

What will you do with this one precious life?






*Awareness without judgment

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